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Stroller Rag Quilt Zoo Animals - Handmade

Stroller Rag Quilt Zoo Animals - Handmade

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Zoo Animals Stroller Rag Quilt

This adorable little quilt is made from 100% cotton flannel and 100% cotton fabrics. The backing is a mirror image of the front without the raggy seams.

This unique stroller quilt is a design of my own featuring a "hole" for the stroller straps so those little legs can't kick this warm blanket to the ground to get dirty or lost while taking an evening walk or strolling the mall.

Quilt measures approximately 25" x 35"; perfect for infants into the toddler years.

This quilt is entirely handcrafted from cutting to clipping. I washed/dried this quilt once to begin the ragging process of the seams.

Easy maintenance; simply wash & tumble dry low. The fluffy seams will be flattened due to storage/shipping, however, a simple wash/dry in the dryer will revive the "fluff"!

NOTE: This listing is for the Berenstain Bears print stroller quilt. The last photo of the ladybug quilt is for demonstration purposes only. We no longer have stroller age children to use their items as props. :-)

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