Fox Owl Rag Quilt Crib Size Gender Neutral - Handmade

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This adorable little quilt is made from 100% high quality cotton and flannel fabrics.

The back is a mirror-image of the front without the raggy seams.

Quilt measures approximately 30" x 44"; perfect for newborns into the toddler years. This quilt is entirely handcrafted from cutting to clipping.

I washed/dried this quilt once to begin the ragging process of the seams. The quilt will get softer and the seams will fluff more with each washing.

Easy maintenance; simply wash & tumble dry low.

The fluffy seams will flattened due to storage/shipping, however, a simple wash/dry or toss into the dryer will revive the "fluff"!

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to ask any questions.