Hearts in Bloom 5x12 Multi-Hoop Machine Embroidery Design PES Format

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Hearts in Bloom 5x12 Multi-Hoop Machine Embroidery Design

Sometimes you just need to embroider or quilt a larger area that your typical 5x7 size hoop.  That's where a multi-hoop design comes in handy.  

This design fits those needs.  Simply hoop your project once but get two runs completed by simply moving your hoop on the machine.  

The attached file includes two PES files; one for the "top" and one for the "bottom" of the design.

Hoop size: 5" x 12"

Stitches: 967

Stitch length: 2.5mm

Run: Single

Dimensions: 11 (7/16)" x 4 (3/8)"