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Batting Warm & Natural Cotton Craft Size 34 in x 45 in

Batting Warm & Natural Cotton Craft Size 34 in x 45 in

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Warm & Natural is the finest needle-punched cotton batting!

This soft, natural cotton has never been washed or bleached with harsh chemicals. It's kinder to the environment and kinder to your batting. The cotton undergoes a mechanical cleaning process removing all of the seeds, seed coats, along with the majority of leaf and stem remnants. The remaining tiny plant particles lend a special look to crafts like no other and won't harm your quilt.

Quilt or tie up to 10" apart!  No pre-washing is necessary.

Once quilted, machine wash and dry your finished quilt in cold water.

3% shrinkage can be expected in the first wash with cold water.

To achieve an antique puckered look use warm water for 5% shrinkage.

Warm & Natural won't distort when hanging, hooping or when used in quilt frames.

It can be used for both batting and as an exterior craft fabric to create stuffed snowmen and rabbits.

Sold in individual, pre-packaged units.

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